adult unisex down coat set (include pull-down eye mask and one face mask) silver ion technology

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adult unisex down coat setmade in silver ion and COOLMAX® patented technology from Invista™ united states

  1. eliminate to 99% bacteria
  2. anti-odor
  3. anti-static
  4. permanent quick dry fabric
  5. highly breathable fabric
  6. built-in pull down eye mask fit for any face size with GoodCatch® patent technology for soft attach of the eye mask
  7. include one adult double layer fabric in silver ion and COOLMAX® technology face mask
  8. easy fit slim cut adjustable waist shape
  9. longer back design for larger area body coverage protection
  10. wind break inner sleeve cuff
  11. side front pockets with zipper
  12. full garment exterior and lining in silver ion and COOLMAX® patented technology fabric
  13. built-in side hood pocket (made for face mask and ear plugs storage) withGoodCatch®patent technology soft attach pocket closure
  14. extra-long chest pocket for passport/ eye glasses with loops made for pen insert
  15. chest pocket withGoodCatch®patent technology for soft attach pocket closure
  16. inner chest pocket with zipper for extra storage
  17. inner tunnel for earphone wire
  18. extra-large inner bottom pockets can fit for an iPad with patent) withGoodCatch®technology for soft attach pocket closure
  19. inner armhole with snaps loops which can snap on extra layer of down vest VT1800N ready for adding extra warmth layer
  20. full garment with high standard clean sewing finishing
  21. female model height 175cm wears size 1
  22. male model height 185cm wears size 2



body: 41% COOLMAX ® fresh FX™ / 59% polyester

down filling: 90% white goose down 10% feather



  • cold delicate hand wash
  • cold delicate machine wash with like colors inside laundry bag
  • hang to complete dry
  • tumble dry low inside laundry bag
  • no bleach no softener



  1. 消除99%細菌
  2. 防異味
  3. 防靜電
  4. 永久性速乾面料
  5. 高度透氣面料
  6. 內置下拉式眼罩適用於任何臉型,採用good-catch®專利技術,眼連接位柔軟貼合
  7. 包含一個成人雙層面料銀離子COOLMAX®口罩
  8. 修身剪裁可調較腰身線條
  9. 長背身面設​​計,可大面積覆蓋保護身體範圍
  10. 防風內袖
  11. 全套服裝內外襯裡銀離子及COOLMAX®專利技術面料製成
  12. 內置側口袋(用於放置口罩及耳塞),採用good-catch®專利技術,封袋口柔軟貼合連接
  13. 超長胸袋,可放置護照/眼鏡,並帶有用於插筆圈位
  14. 胸袋採用good-catch®專利技術,封袋口軟柔貼合連接
  15. 內層拉鍊胸袋,可有額外存放空間
  16. 耳機線內部通道
  17. 超大內袋可放置iPad並採用good-catch®專利技術,封袋口柔軟貼合連接
  18. 帶有按扣環內袖孔,可額外扣上羽絨背心VT1800N,額外增加保暖層
  19. 全套服裝具有高標準整潔縫製
  20. 女模特高175厘米,穿1碼
  21. 男模特高185厘米,穿2碼



主體:41%COOLMAX®freshFX™/ 59%聚酯纖維



  • 宜冷水手洗
  • 建議裡外翻轉放於洗衣袋內,與顏色類近的衣物一同以冷水機洗
  • 可掛起晾乾
  • 可放洗衣袋內於洗衣機烘乾
  • 不可使用漂白劑及柔軟劑