anti bacteria silver ion adult face mask

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adult double layer face mask using silver ion and COOLMAX® patented technology from Invista™ united states

  1. eliminate to 99% bacteria
  2. anti-odor
  3. anti-static
  4. permanent quick dry
  5. highly breathable fabric
  6. comfortable soft elastic loop
  7. inner layer with laser cut holes for better breathability
  8. centre pleat on mask create better shape to fit on the face
  9. plastic covered wire inside on one side of the centre edge to adjust fitting
  10. inner elastic on upper and bottom edge of mask for closer fit to face
  11. include soft silicon stoppers on ear loop for adjusting length of face mask string


41% COOLMAX® fresh FX™ / 59% polyester



  • cold delicate hand wash with soap (preferable)
  • rinse with clean water thoroughly
  • use dry towel to soak excess water
  • hang dry
  • can be cold delicate machine wash with like colors inside laundry bag
  • can be tumble dry low inside laundry bag
  • no bleach no softener



w16cm x h14cm

ear string: 17cm




  1. 消除99%細菌
  2. 防異味
  3. 防靜電
  4. 永久性速乾面料
  5. 高透氣面料
  6. 柔軟舒適橡根圈
  7. 內層為鐳射切割穿孔布,透氣更佳
  8. 口罩中間打褶,更貼合臉形
  9. 中間一側邊緣內層含以塑膠包覆的鐵線作形狀調節
  10. 上下邊緣內各具橡根帶,更貼合臉形
  11. 1 附軟矽膠塞以調節口罩繩圈的長度



41%COOLMAX®fresh FX™/ 59%聚酯纖維



  •       用肥皂以冷水手洗(建議)
  •       以清水徹底沖洗
  •       用乾毛巾吸去多餘水份
  •       掛起晾乾
  •       可放於洗衣袋內,與顏色類近的衣物一同以冷水機洗
  •       可放於洗衣袋內烘乾
  •       不可使用漂白劑及柔軟劑




闊16厘米x 高14厘米