99% anti bacteria silver ion placemat

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placemat using silver ion in COOLMAX® fresh FX™ patented technology from Invista™ united states

  1. eliminate to 99% bacteria
  2. anti-odor
  3. anti-static
  4. permanent quick dry
  5. highly breathable fabric
  6. product with high standard clean sewing finishing
  7. water proof film in between top and bottom layers better protect items inside
  8. roll up with elastic band and button for easy storage
  9. inside pocket with 5 elastic slots to securely hold cutlery in place



41% COOLMAX ® fresh FX™ / 59% polyester



  • cold delicate hand wash
  • hang to complete dry
  • no bleach no softener



w45cm x h30cm

strap: 56cm