light fresh®️ technology CABAS 220 shoulder bag

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product detail

  1. shoulder bag fabric treated with nano coated in light fresh®️ technology developed by a company from Hong Kong Science Park (a Geneva invention gold medal prize)
  1. eliminate to 96% bacteria
  2. remove organic stains with visible light
  3. water repellent
  4. product with high standard clean sewing finishing
  5. bottom with large ALPS embroidery logo
  6. zipper opening
  7. double detachable leather handle
  8. one short detachable stripe shoulder strap
  9. one long detachable stripe shoulder strap
  10. 3 inner small sew-on pockets
  11. 1 inner zipped up pocket
  12. A4 size documents can fit inside shoulder bag



100% polyester



  • put under UV light to decompose organic stain



bag size: w46cm x h25cm x d15cm


leather handle x 2: ~50cm

short strap x 1: ~49cm

long strap x 1: ~49cm