Ènorme drawstring shoulder bag

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product description

The large capacity of the bag is designed for today’s modern lifestyle. The timeless design is in minimalist approach reveals the need for casual yet modern living style. Drawstring opening for easy access while keeping items stored safe inside. The inner design has zipper pocket and 4 open pockets to organise smaller items. One side of the inner side has a  foam insert especially use to keep higher protection  for laptop storage. All pockets are made around the inner bag to maximize main space. 

product detail

  1. durable soft fabric shoulder strap with enormous volume
  2. bottom with large ALPS embroidery logo
  3. drawstring opening
  4. 1 inner button closure open pocket for laptop
  5. 1 zipped up pocket and 4 open pockets for small items storage
  6. product with high standard clean sewing finishing

technology benefits

  • shoulder bag fabric treated with nano coated in light fresh®️ technology (a Geneva invention gold medal prize) developed by a graduated incubation company from Hong Kong Science Park
  • eliminate to 99% bacteria
  • remove organic stains with visible light


solid fabric 97% polyester / 3% elastane

print fabric: 41% COOLMAX® fresh FX™ / 59% polyester


  • cold delicate hand wash
  • turn product inside out, cold delicate machine wash with like colors inside laundry bag
  • hang to dry
  • no bleach no softener


bag size: w39cm x h24cm x d22cm

shoulder strap: ~50cm



ÈNORME採用方正的袋型和抽繩設計,令ÈNORME整體既優雅又隨性。内部有多個内袋和足夠的空間,讓你更有系統地收納個人物品如平板電腦和水樽,摺曡傘等體積較大的東西。實用的袋型設計和隨性型格的設計細節令你可以輕鬆隨意遊走在城市中的大街小巷。物料經光自潔®科技的納米塗層處理,消除病毒細菌達 99% (光自潔®科技獲得日內瓦國際研發金獎,由一間香港科學園的本地公司所研發)


  1. 柔軟高承重一體式肩帶
  2. 底部附大型ALPS刺繡商標
  3. 抽繩袋口
  4. 1個紐扣電腦内袋
  5. 1個拉鏈側内袋,4個開口側內袋
  6. 產品具高規格及整齊的縫製加工


  • 內外層布料經光自潔®科技的納米塗層處理


  • 消除細菌達99%
  • 紫外光清除有機污漬


97%聚酯纖維 3%彈性纖維

41%COOLMAX®fresh FX™/ 59%聚酯纖維


  • 宜冷水手洗
  • 建議裡外翻轉放於洗衣袋內,與顏色類近的衣物一同以冷水慢速機洗
  • 可掛起晾乾
  • 不可使用漂白劑及柔軟劑


手袋:闊39厘米 x 高 24厘米 x 深 22厘米 
手挽肩帶: ~50厘米