foldable duffle bag silver ion technology

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duffle bag made in silver ion and COOLMAX® patented technology from Invista™ united states

  1.       eliminate to 99% bacteria 
  2.       anti-odor
  3.       anti-static
  4.       permanent quick dry 
  5.       highly breathable fabric
  6.       product with high standard clean sewing finishing
  7.       large capacity
  8.       strong shoulder strap crossing the bottom provide better support for carrying heavier items
  9.       attached self-fold bag for easy storage
  10.   self-adhering bag handlesoft opening in GoodCatch® patented technology fabric
  11.   self-adhering luggage handlesoft opening in GoodCatch® patented technology fabric
  12.   decorative tape for easy zipper open
  13.   zipper open at centre for easy access
  14.   water proof film in between bottom layers to have stronger support and better protect items inside
  15.   design badge logo 
  16.   hanging loop on folded small bag for easy hanging



41% COOLMAX® fresh FX™ / 59% polyester



  • hand wash gently with dilute soap
  •  rinse it thoroughly in cold water
  •  turn product inside out cold delicate machine wash with like colors put inside 
  • hang to complete dry
  •  tumble dry low inside laundry bag
  •  no bleach no softener




w46cm x h34cm x d21cm

strap: 62cm




  1.       消除99%細菌
  2.       防異味
  3.       防靜電
  4.       永久性速乾面料
  5.       高透氣面料
  6.       產品具高規格及整齊的縫製加工
  7.       大容量
  8.       結實肩帶通過底部,提供更好的支撐予較重的物品
  9.       附自折疊袋,易於存放
  10.     自粘式手挽的開合口柔軟,並採用good-catch®專利技術面料製成
  11.     自粘式行李手挽的開合口柔軟,並採用good-catch®專利技術面料製成
  12.     附裝飾帶,以便拉鍊開合
  13.     中間附拉鍊,方便拿取物品
  14.     底層之間的防水膜提供更強的支撐及保護
  15.     徽章標誌設計
  16.     折疊小袋附環圈以便掛起



41%COOLMAX®fresh FX™/ 59%聚酯纖維



  •       用肥皂以冷水手洗
  •       以清水徹底沖洗
  •       建議裡外翻轉放於洗衣袋內,與顏色類近的衣物一同以冷水機洗
  •       掛起晾乾
  •       可放於洗衣袋內烘乾
  •       不可使用漂白劑及柔軟劑




闊46 x 高34厘米x 深21厘米