The Little Prince® silver ion COOLMAX® adult reusable face mask

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product description

Referencing the silhouette of KF94, decorated with woven tape create a fashionable look. Soft elastic earloops with adjustable silicon toggles for better fit with different head size. The removable wire on the upper nose and chin area also for better fit purpose. Double layer of silver ion and COOLMAX® fabric with anti-bacterial and quick dry function provide safe and germ free with high breathability properties.


product detail

double layer face mask made in silver ion and COOLMAX® patented technology from Invista™ united states provide high material standard quality.

1. eliminate to 99% bacteria

2. anti-odor

3. anti-static

4. permanent quick dry

5. highly breathable fabric

6. comfortable soft elastic loop with adjustable silicon toggle for comfort wear

7. double layer of silver ion and COOLMAX® fabric for better protection

8. KF94 face mask shape create better shape to fit on the face

9. upper and bottom edge tunnel design for insert removable wire for better fit and easy washing




1.       消除99%細菌
2.       防異味
3.       防靜電
4.       永久性速乾面料
5.       高透氣面料
6.       柔軟舒適橡根圈附上矽膠套索,可調節耳圈大小貼合各種臉型
7.       雙層銀離子COOLMAX®專利技術布料,舒服透氣
8.       參考KF94口罩剪裁令口罩更貼合臉型
9.       管道設計配可拆卸鐵線,方便清洗