The Little Prince® silver ion COOLMAX® petit pouch

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A lightweight small little pocket pouch to keep small items like keys or sanitise spray or face mask is very useful for nowadays green living lifestyle. Special design of little prince silicon badge is the highlight of the product. The Little Prince story origin is from France, the navy-white-red color tie gives the design a little French touch. Fabric made with silver ion with anti-bacterial function provide safe and germ-free user experience. 

product detail

petite pouch made with silver ion in COOLMAX ® patented technology from Invista™ united states

  1. eliminate to 99% bacteria
  2. anti-odor
  3. anti-static
  4. permanent quick dry
  5. highly breathable fabric
  6. product with high standard clean sewing finishing
  7. size good for face mask storage or eyewear 
  8. side ties in high quality gro-grain ribbon


41% COOLMAX® fresh FX™ / 59% polyester


  • cold delicate hand wash
  • rinse it thoroughly in cold water
  • cold delicate machine wash with like colors inside laundry bag
  • line flat to dry
  • hang to complete dry
  • no bleach no softener


w15cm x h19cm 



ALPS 與小王子合作,推出一系列以小王子為靈感的主題。描繪在B612星球與玫瑰仰望的白晝與星空和離開B612星球后到訪其他星球的晝與夜點綴小王子的徽章的產品,讓小王子陪伴你渡過每一天。輕薄小巧的小索袋使用了COOLMAX®銀離子科技,滅菌防臭;可以讓你除下口罩時有一個安全衛生的地方放置口罩,也能夠讓你安心放置自己的個人隨身小物。


  1. 消除99%細菌
  2. 防異味
  3. 防靜電
  4. 永久性速乾面料
  5. 高透氣面料
  6. 產品具高規格及整齊的縫製加工
  7. 尺寸適合收納口罩
  8. 以優質織帶側綁


41%COOLMAX®fresh FX™/ 59%聚酯纖維


  • 宜冷水手洗
  • 用清水徹底沖洗
  • 宜與顏色類近的衣物一同以冷水機洗
  • 可放平晾乾
  • 可掛起晾乾
  • 不可使用漂白劑及柔軟劑


15厘米x 19厘米