Timeless with a Twist - Made to Make a Difference

Driven by the desire to unite fashion and craftsmanship and aim to bring your work and life balance in the collection.

Inspired by a new age of active living and cutting-edge textile innovations, the brand is committed to designing enduring clothing that supports wellbeing. 

ALPS integrates fun and unexpected details into the designs. The brand also incorporate sports and technology elements as some of the highlights in the collection. These unique combination differentiate ALPS from normal fashion brands in the market. ALPS pieces are effortlessly stylish, highly versatile and wearable every day.


Designer Annie Ling sees fashion as a powerful form of personal expression. She studied fashion design in high school in Vancouver before continuing with Fashion Design and Technology at Kwantlen University College, Canada. After obtaining a master’s degree in business administration from the university of Leicester in the United Kingdom, she launched the brand “ALPS Annie Ling” in 2016. In 2018, Annie won a silver award at the International Design Awards in Los Angeles, in recognition of her work in the sportswear category.

She likes simple designs with unexpected details. The quality of such elements is often reflected on her work. She designs for people who are self-assured, out-going and young at heart. Apart from developing on her own brand, she is also working as design consultant for other companies as well as taking up cooperate design projects. 

The brand name ALPS was simply coming from the designer’s full name initial with a hidden meaning associate with the mountain Alps. This connection is hinted that the fashion brand mixes the idea of technology and sports inspired elements into her collections.

ALPS fashion innovation

Technology is so advanced nowadays, but not many fashion brands applying high technology in their collections.  We see that pollution is an ever-increasing problem and that there is a need for protection garments which do not exist in the market.  We want to provide the solution and embody the ideals of high technology with high quality fashion to our customers so that they enjoy and experience the benefits of technology in their everyday attire.