The global direction for today’s lifestyle is towards one’s own well-being. a trend moving towards an informal, relaxed and healthy lifestyle, where pleasure plays an important role. People want sensible clothing which is unique, versatile and modern that fits into their daily lives. They want their clothes to have a casual ease but is unique at the same time. We translate these needs into the design code of our collections. 

Our brand aims to offer special and individualistic products in fresh ideas. Our designs are structured with a touch of extravagance with avant-garde elements injected into the details. The brand often features a surprising edge that combines fashion with high technology to provide quality, innovation and uniqueness to the collections. 

Our brand provides trendy yet subtle, useful and wearable clothing in high quality standard. Our sole purpose and obsession has been to make people feel good about themselves. We are passionate in this industry and are committed to offering products that allow people the freedom to celebrate each of their uniqueness and sensuality.


The designer started her fashion study in high school in Vancouver, and graduated in Fashion Design and Technology at Kwantlen University College in Canada.  After obtaining an MBA at the University of Leicester in the UK, she launched the brand “ALPS Annie Ling”.  She designs for people who enjoy the balance of life and who are self-assured, out-going, and young at heart. 

ALPS fashion technology

Technology is so advanced nowadays, but not many fashion brands applying high technology in their collections.  We see that pollution is an ever-increasing problem and that there is a need for protection garments which do not exist in the market.  We want to provide the solution and embody the ideals of high technology with high quality fashion to our customers so that they enjoy and experience the benefits of technology in their everyday attire.